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I offer a complimentary consultation to all families. 

Prenatal Support

During your prenatal visit(s), we will discuss your birth preferences and how I can best work with you and your partner to achieve these goals!  Many families aren’t completely sure of their ideals and that is completely fine. Our discussion will likely help you clarify some of the unknowns. My desire is for us to get to know one another, find our connection, so that when you are in labor, we are in tune with one another as best as we can be. I will be with you and your partner during a very intimate journey, the birth of your baby! It humbles me to be invited into your birth space. I am honored to be apart of it. I truly believe that all women deserve to have unconditional support during this memorable time. 

Birthing Support

​Whether you are choosing to birth at your home, at a birth center, or at a hospital, I will be there to support you from beginning to end. I'll be there to make sure you maintain and feel confident in your birth space, knowing that you are making the right decisions for baby and you. Keeping you centered and making sure those around you respect your birth plan, is my main focus. I will be by your side the whole way!

Postpartum Support 

During this time, I offer all the support you and baby need. I'm here to make sure you and baby are adjusting to your new life together, as well as as a family. Ways for me to support you during this time include: breastfeeding support, sitz bath herbal mixture, a ready to eat meal, organizing a meal train, as well as being by your side to hold space. This can mean many things: being there to talk to, hold your baby while you shower, nap, or just get some fresh air and take a walk with you.

I look forward to hearing from you!